Important Information

NPC Sanction #3625 

Video equipment will NOT be allowed in the auditorium.

Detachable lens cameras are NOT allowed. 

The solicitation of photo and/or video services is NOT allowed on the premises.

Camera bags, tripods and other equipment will NOT be allowed in the auditorium.

The National Physique Committee prohibits the use of camera/video photography video recording, audio recording, and live streaming at any of its sanctioned or promotional events.  Express permission must be granted and approved by the National Office.


Anyone who is a member of the NPC can enter the Clash at the Capstone! 

NPC memberships will be available at the check in.


VIP – $40

General Admission – $30​ 

Pre judging – $20

Kids under 12 half price to pre judging, general admission.

Or purchase online now and pay an extra $2 convenience fee.

Please show your payment receipt to obtain an arm band.